Best Windows Phone Emulators

Best Windows Phone Emulators

Best Windows Phone Emulators

We take a look at the Windows Phone versions of emulators, which are the number one address for gamers who want to be nostalgic.

Emulators, which have enabled us to play old console games on our PCs for many years, can now reach our pockets with the rise of mobile technologies. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most successful emulators on the Windows Phone platform.

Note: Most of the emulators we will introduce below support the MOGA controller that you can connect to your phone.



The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is considered the ancestor of today’s game consoles. You can now play the games of NES, one of the most important models that created the console culture around the world, on your Windows Phone device with the vNESLight emulator.

OneDrive connection is required to add games to vNESLight, where you can play the first versions of games with big markets today, such as Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, comfortably on your touch screen.



One of Nintendo’s best-selling consoles, the 16-bit SNES has hosted the beginning of many series that the history of gaming has seen; It also hosted legendary sequels such as Final Fantasy VI and Contra III.

With Snes8x you can now play these legends on your Windows Phone. Don’t forget to play Chrono Trigger on Snes8x, which unlike vNESLight can load games directly from the phone memory!

Purple Cherry GBC


With Purple Cherry GBC, one of the many Gameboy emulators on our list, you can play Gameboy Color games on your Windows Phone.

You can download the trial version of the emulator, which is sold in the market for a certain fee, and experience a fluent Gameboy Color experience, albeit with limited possibilities.

Purple Cherry X


With Purple Cherry X, another Gameboy emulator, you can experience Gameboy Advance games on your Windows Phone.

Purple Cherry X, which you can download for free from the market, comes with two games for testing purposes. It is possible to install different game roms using OneDrive.



This useful emulator, which can run Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games, makes it very easy to install games thanks to its PC application.

Although VBA8, which contains one free game, can be downloaded for free from the market, you need some money out of your pocket to fully use some of its features.



Now that we’ve finished the Nintendo emulators, it means we can move on to other consoles. Thanks to the emulator called EMU7800, you can now play Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 games, another legendary console, on your Windows Phone device.

Although they still have problems with control, it is possible to play Asteroid or Donkey Kong in your spare time with the EMU7800.



The only Sega emulator on our list, EmiGens can run games from most Sega consoles, including Sega CD, although it can sometimes get frustrating when it comes to adding games (Sega CD requires a BIOS file).

It is possible to download games directly from your phone or OneDrive to the emulator. However, my advice is to use OneDrive. EmuGens supports .bin, .smd, .sms, .gg, .iso and .zip files (OneDrive is required to open .iso and .zip format).

EmiGens is a very successful Sega emulator, even if it bothers the user too much. Do not be surprised that the emulator is sold for a fee in the market. There is no difference between the trial version and the full version.



And we come to the most remarkable member of the list. EmiPSX, the only true PS emulator available on Windows Phone, has earned its place in the final part of our list. There is also a free version of EmiPSX, which can be purchased for a fee. However, you cannot benefit from the automatic recording feature available in the full version.

EmiPSX, which successfully passed the Final Fantasy Tactics test I made with a Lumia 820 with 1 GB of RAM (There are also minor sound cracklings, but that’s it), EmiPSX is a must-have emulator for all Windows Phones with 1 GB of RAM and above.

You can also add your BIOS file that you extracted from PS1 to the emulator if you want. However, I cannot say that the BIOS is necessary, as I did not experience any serious stuttering in the tests I did without the BIOS.

It is possible to download games to EmiPSX directly from your phone or OneDrive. If you don’t have a super fast internet speed, I wouldn’t recommend using OneDrive. The emulator can read .bin and .iso files.

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