Harmony OS and Huawei Watch 3 Pro Review 2022

Harmony OS and Huawei Watch 3 Pro Review 2022

Harmony OS and Huawei Watch 3 Pro Review 2022

One of the most interesting products Huawei has launched in recent years, Huawei Watch 3 Pro offers users a long battery life and functional features together.

Although the hardware features and sensor capabilities are great, let’s talk briefly about the stylish design of the Huwaei Watch 3 Pro first. Huawei’s smart watch model, which has been on sale for a short time, comes with a premium titanium body and a 22 mm standard leather strap.

Watch 3 Pro, which is of high quality in terms of material structure, looks quite luxurious. It should also be noted that the smart watch, which looks like a luxury watch, weighs only 63 grams without the strap .

Having a classic circular design, the Watch 3 Pro also has finely woven bezel details. These bezels, which have been carefully crafted in every detail, are complemented by a 1.43-inch screen made of sapphire glass .

Speaking of the screen, this 1.43-inch color AMOLED screen, which is extra resistant to scratches and impacts thanks to the sapphire glass, has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels , a brightness of 1000 nits and a pixel density of 326 ppi .


If we continue to talk about the design details of the device, we observe that the crown button on the side of the smart watch is made of a titanium material. While such fine details make the design of the Watch 3 Pro even more special, the tiny “Huawei Watch” lettering on the side of the crown button also looks very nice.

Apart from that, the second button on the side of the smart watch helps users go directly to the Exercise menu. However, if you want, you can change the functionality of this button via the clock settings. For example, you can set this button to directly access Music, Contacts, and even AppGallery.

Harmony OS and What It Brings

We can safely say that the biggest upgrade Huawei has made after the Watch GT 2 Pro is the HarmonyOS operating system. After the smart watch is integrated into the HarmonyOS operating system, virtual assistant Celia welcomes us. The virtual assistant in question supports certain languages ​​for now. In order to use this virtual assistant, Watch 3 Pro must be connected to the internet with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or eSIM.

At the same time, Watch 3 Pro, which comes out of the box with the Grid Launcher home screen design, also offers a fluent user experience thanks to this home screen design. Helping users to see all the applications they have installed on their smart watch together on this home screen, Huawei allows users to quickly access the application they want.

Apart from this, WATCH 3 Pro, which offers a consistent interaction experience between devices with HarmonyOS 2.0, offers online music streaming and playlists synchronization via the cloud, as well as Petal Maps instructions on the watch after turning on the phone.

Huawei’s next-generation smartwatch also hosts over 100 exercise modes, a high-sensitivity body temperature sensor, a professional health and training assistant that offers fall detection and assist alert. In addition, the Watch 3 Pro Heart rate, SpO2, sleep quality and pressure features keep users up-to-date on their health status. The smartwatch also comes with over 100 exercise modes, 15 of which are professional.

The smart watch, which can be purchased with NFC support in global markets, can also be used independently, just like a smartphone, with the help of eSIM. Apart from that, the watch also has dual-channel GPS support. This makes it even easier to use location and location-tracking applications on the smart watch.


Up to 21 Days of Battery Life

As you know, Huawei is a brand that draws attention with the battery life of wearable devices. Continuing this tradition in the Watch 3 Pro model, the company promises users an average of 21 days of battery life with the 790 mAh battery of the Watch 3 Pro .

Watch 3 Pro, which comes with a magnetic 10W wireless charger out of the box, can be easily charged with almost any Qi charger. The 790 mAh battery of this smart watch which has a huge battery capacity compared to a smart watch, can be charged from 0 percent to 100 percent in about three hours with 10W wireless charging . Although the charging time is slightly longer compared to other products of the company, this battery lasts for a long time thanks to the successful optimization of the HarmonyOS operating system.

The price of the Huawei Watch 3 Pro , which stands out with all these features, is also listed as 5.699 TL in the Huawei Online Store .

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