Realme Launches its First 108MP Camera and Trends

Realme Launches its First 108MP Camera and Trends

Realme Launches its First 108MP Camera and Trends

realme introduced the first 108 MP camera to be used in the realme 8 series, which will be released soon, at the Camera Innovation event held online today.

realme 8 Pro uses Samsung’s 108 megapixel HM2 sensor with 12,000 x 9,000 pixels and 1/1.52″ width as the primary camera. Thanks to the larger single pixel size, better image quality is no longer a dream. HM2, which enables realme phones to take excellent images in conditions with more light, also has nine-in-one pixel grouping, ISOCELL Plus and Smart-ISO support.

The 108 MP photos taken with the realme 8 Pro have a balanced overall exposure thanks to its vivid colors and sharp details in both light and dark areas. Thanks to this very special camera technology, the details remain sharp even after zooming.

Realme, which has made it its mission to present all the technology it has to Turkish users in every segment since it entered the Turkish market, will also bring the 108 MP camera technology introduced in its online event to its users in the coming period. The brand meets its users with its identity, which has been developing its camera power day by day and setting a trend in terms of cameras in technology. The latest series coming to the Turkish market; realme 6 and realme 7 Serieshas led the way in its price segment.

It entered the market with 64 MP camera performance. Realme, which has now made a big breakthrough and introduced its 108 MP camera, will now make its users feel like a professional photographer with its new camera technology. Thanks to the 108 MP sensor, realme offers lots of detailed optimizations and exciting features.

In-sensor zoom, greater clarity

realme 8 Pro enables higher zoom clarity thanks to the new In-Sensor Zoom technology. realme 8 Pro’s 3x mode enables the new In-Sensor Zoom, while the sensor uses only 12MP area mapped to the zoomed part to create image. Since the area is smaller in a 12 MP photo, the image can be processed faster. This allows realme 8 Pro to take eight 12MP photos in a row and add them to the sharpness enhancement algorithm, further increasing the image clarity. Photos taken with realme 8 Pro with 3x zoom, after this process, even better results in terms of sharpness than some optical telephoto lenses.

Starry Mode with time lapse video

realme brings Starry Time Lapse Video to smartphones for the first time with 8 Pro with new Starry Mode. Starry time-lapse videos are usually created by shooting multiple clips with professional cameras and then synthesizing and combining these clips on a computer using video editing software. Creating Starry time-lapse videos presents serious challenges as it requires high performance to synthesize and process photos. That’s why realme developed a special time-lapse video algorithm based on starry photos.

It takes 480 seconds to take 30 photos and create a 1-second time-lapse video. With this algorithm, it means that the time-lapse mode can show ever-changing universes 480 times faster.

Tilt-Shift photography and the miniature world

Tilt-Shift photography was achieved with the aid of expensive tilt-shift lenses that allowed only part of the photo to appear sharp and all other parts to be out of focus to create a miniature world feel. With the new tilt-shift photography algorithm, the realme 8 series allows taking tilt-shift photos as well as 10 times faster tilt-shift time-lapse videos that present the world in a fantastic and unique way. realme also offers various adjustment options such as the shape, angle, position, size of the bokeh effect in tilt-shift mode and even the transition effect between the bokeh area and the clear area.

In this way, it is possible to conveniently select and customize the bokeh effect to best suit the moment.

Portrait shots become more fun with new portrait filters

Today, most smartphones can shoot portraits with a standard bokeh effect in the background. realme, as a technology brand that sets trends, also adds innovations to portrait photography. The realme 8 series comes with three iconic filters, namely Neon Portrait, Dynamic Portrait and Artificial Intelligence Supported Color Portrait, which make each portrait a trend.

A new era begins with the Number series focused on the camera

Realme Number Series, the star series office realme smartphone portfolio and focusing on the cameras of the future, creates new trends in photography with its innovative camera technology and features and offers the best camera experience to young users. The 108 MP camera and new trendsetting photography features will soon be available with the realme 8 series.

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